frequently asked Questions

MyFair is a non-profit association from Austria and deals with research and popular education around the topic of digitization and international understanding, through educational projects and cooperation with associations and federations, for the holistic promotion of the level of knowledge and the education of all members.
All members can freely network and exchange ideas with one another in order to contribute to the development of a strong community and better international understanding. We want to enable the whole thing on a digital as well as on a personal level and everyone can actively participate in research & education projects of their choice, which are also implemented in cooperation with other clubs and associations.
The sponsoring membership is divided into three different membership fees (€ 59, € 99, ​​€ 299). See link
So that everyone can choose the right one for themselves. See link
In contrast to a company or a conventional platform, we can exchange ideas with one another in the association free of censorship, this offers, among other things, a comprehensible network. As a non-profit organization, many other options are open.
The memberships last at least one year depending on the sponsoring membership and the sponsorship fee and must be terminated in writing 30 days before the contract is extended. The simple membership can be canceled at any time.
To guarantee the best possible implementation of all MyFair research & education projects and to make the knowledge and experience gained available to all members. In order to improve the quality of life for as many members as possible and to enable them to freely shape their own environment in self-determination and personal responsibility.
Since this is not legally possible in the association and each sponsoring membership serves the purpose of the association and the maintenance of the association.
On the homepage. www.myfairin.com
Yes. Because we only implement research and education projects with sponsoring members.
Currently DACH and Italy. A further global expansion of the community is sought and is being implemented.
Yes, the membership is automatically extended accordingly, provided there is no written cancellation.
In writing 30 days before membership renewal or by email to community@myfairin.com
Bank transfer, further payment options are sought.
These remain exclusively in the association and are managed accordingly according to the GDPR.
After successful registration and payment you will receive an email with your access data.
The app is planned for 2021 and will be available free of charge to all supporting members.
For Android from the Playstore, for Apple from the Apple Store or Link.
In order to be able to use the advantages of the association, a sponsoring membership must exist according to association law. Registering gives you your own access to your personal back office.
After successful registration and payment of the sponsoring membership, I can use all the possibilities MyFair offers me via my own back office access for the duration of the membership.
There will be a separate tool for this. Members can then register for events and seminars in their own back office. Online lectures and seminars are always available to all members who are interested.
In your own back office with your access data under the item "own data".
Yes very much. This is also rewarded by the association with an appreciation.
Yes, of course, this is possible in the back office area. However, the entire sustaining membership is always to be paid and not the difference between the various memberships.